Located in the heart of Highlandtown, Hoehn's Bakery has been your neighborhood bakery since 1927. Family owned and operated in Baltimore for 3 generations.

What's New

The Creative Alliance Presents World Refugee Day Street Festival


Saturday, June 20, 12pm-3pm at Conkling Plaza


The Creative Alliance's annual international family showcase, celebrates Baltimore as a home to talented refugees and immigrants of all ages. Dance, music and art activities for the whole family! Food, hand-made jewelry and crafts for sale! (Please note: Vendors can only accept cash.)

Persian musician, Behfar Bahadoran
Sudanese musician, Mosno Al-Moseeki & international band
Mexican and international dance troupe, Naciones Unidas
BCCC's Refugee Youth Project:
Chin youth dancers
Bhutanese youth dancers

STREET FESTIVAL is on 400 block of Conkling St (between Eastern Ave and Bank St) | FREE | 12-3pm. RSVP call 410-276-1651 or email info@creativealliance.org

Produced by Creative Alliance, Baltimore Resettlement Center, International Rescue Committee, BCCC's Refugee Youth Project, Lutheran Social Services NCA Baltimore, World Relief, Baltimore City Community College, and Baltimore Community Foundation
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We Are Now Accepting The Baltimore BNote for Your Purchases!


BNotes are Baltimore's local currency and can be used for any transaction at over 225 businesses in the Baltimore area. Here's how it works:

  • Residents can exchange dollars for BNotes at any of the 8 businesses serving as a money exchange, or Cambio.
  • In Highlandtown, RoofTopHoT at 339 S. Conkling Street is our neighborhood Cambio.  Each $10 may be exchanged for 11 BNotes (BN11), which then trade equal to dollars, so a customer gets a built-in 10% discount while supporting local businesses. They are available in multiples of $10, up to $200 (BN220). Denominations are $1 (BN1) and $5 (BN5).
  • Participating merchants are listed in the BNote Merchant Directory. Learn more about the BNote by clicking here.
  • You may now start using your BNotes at Hoehn's Bakery! They work just like regular dollars. You will receive regular coin change and BN1 notes if you are using a BN5 note (if your change is more than a dollar).  You may also ask to get your change in BNotes at face value if you are spending dollars.


News from Our Friends at Cohesion Theatre Company


This summer, check out their performance of The Pillow Book (jointly produced with the Strand Theater Company) June 25 - July 12 at 1025 S. Potomac Street. A Baltimore premiere production.


Deb and John are married. Deb and John are strangers. Deb saves John's life on a mountain. John blinds Deb on the Serengeti. John works at an office. John works at a different office. Deb is a doctor, or an exterminator. The Pillow Book is a journey through the real, the imagined, the absurd, and the parallel. Told with a cast of three, The Pillow Book examines the life in and around one couple’s past, present, and the possibilities that could have been. Click here for more information. 

Thank you Ron Matz and WJZ- CBS Baltimore!


Thank you Ron Matz for visiting us on January 15 for WJZ's People are Talking Segment! If you missed it, here is a link to the video.

Welcome Michael Owen's Communal Art Space, "Home"


Michael Owen, founder of the Baltimore Love Project will be opening HOME, a communal art space for guest international artists. HOME is expected to be in operation in early 2015 and will be a few doors from us. Learn more about HOME in this Baltimore Guide article.  Visit Michael's website to read about his latest projects.


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