The community's mural on our Bank Street wall was created by artist and neighbor Michael Owen. HIGHLANDTOWN! is seen through the donut goggles of a young girl. Thank you Michael for creating ths marvelous piece of artwork!

Our family bakery was started in 1927 by my grandfather, William Hoehn, who installed the massive brick hearth oven and operated the business until the 1950s.  At that time my dad, Frederick Hoehn, took over and I joined Dad in the early 70s. My cousin, Louis Sahlender joined us in the 80s and we've been working together ever since.


Today, Louis and I do all the baking, my brother Rob Hoehn manages the website, social media, and promotions.  Mom still does the bookkeeping. My dear husband Larry Hooper keeps  the  building and all of the equipment running smoothly.


Our family is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality baked goods made the old fashioned way.  We bake from scratch using no preservatives and as little machinery as possible.  We are still baking in the original brick hearth oven, which gives us the same  marvelous results as it did 93 years ago. Many of the recipes we use are the ones that were  brought  over  from Germany from my grandfather.


Our family would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued patronage, and hope for the opportunity to make you into a loyal customer, too.




Sharon Hoehn Hooper

Owner, Hoehn's Bakery



Our Website Has Been Enhanced for Mobile Devices


When you visit our website with your smartphone or tablet (e.g. iPad), the text will be easier to read and pages will load faster. You may use the quick buttons at the bottom to call, email, or get directions. Fun fact: It was only a few years ago that we were using rotary dial phones and now we have smartphone web  optimization!

We  Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay


What is that device on our counter?

That is our touch screen point-of-sale terminal to accept your credit or debit card. You sign for your transaction with your finger. We are using a paperless receipt system, where you may  choose  to get your receipt by text message or email (or, no receipt) when you check out.  Pardon the pun, but it is easy as pie. :-)


Please note: We are unable to offer cash back transactions. Our Credit/Debit Card and Mobile Payments Provider's Security details.

Media: Thank You For Featuring Us

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